Thursday, July 07, 2005

I was Mistaken about Donna Summers

I was mistaken about Donna Summers, meeting the girl of my potential dreams. I am not looking, but if she happened my way I won't pass up the opportunity. We all have our 'what if' stories; I just don't want anymore of those clouding my memory. I'd like those 'shot down' stories or 'she's not what I expected' stories. No more regretfuls though. So no Donna Summers, not Love to Love you Baby. That's alright. I expect to give things a shot, and move on. I am hopeful, not expectant. There is a world of difference between the two. Age, accountability, wise judgement separate the two. So if things don't work out, no worries, as I will once again (soon, most likely) fall back in love for the moment, fall right out of it. I guess the only time I should worry is when love doesn't leave and I've found the woman who sticks. That would be the kicker. Then I'd have something to love. Right now, I put my pride on the line and that is replenishable. That wanes like the tides. Some gone, some to refill. But not trying, not hoping to meet someone who I can make happy, who turns my oven burners full blast, the click of the igniter slamming loudly. To not hear that torch fire hot, that's the biggest sin of love. Don't be the regretful one. I'm certainly not. But there is no Donna Summers today. . . .


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